Why Gardeners Put Trash in Garden Pots

We love beautiful flowers and plants.  Many of us keep flower pots and planters in our windows, on our porches or patios.  We enjoy being an important part of the life of a beautiful plant.

Fill & Flourish Garden Pot Insets are made from beautiful, naturally occurring, sustainable bamboo.  Fill & Flourish Inserts make an excellent raised base for soil in any pot or planter.  They will remain structurally rugged and reliable as long as they remain dry.  

When you no longer need your Fill & Flourish Inserts, just dispose of them by burying them or discarding them.  They are guaranteed to completely return to their biological components of carbon dioxide and water.  No plastic.  No unsightly litter.  Nothing added to the waste stream.  You can sleep well, knowing you’ve helped address our world of plastic pollution.