Better Trick, Inc. is a small company/entrepreneurial startup owned by husband and wife veterinarians in rural Nebraska.  The Kramers have worked side by side in veterinary practices owned by them for their entire 37 year marriage, until recently selling their stakes in Columbus Small Animal Hospital.  

Small Biz

Dr. Jim graduated from Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982.  It was a tough time for agriculture in Nebraska.  Banks were closing, farmers were going under and rural veterinarians were struggling alongside.  The weather was severe and the economy was brutal. 

Dr. Ann joined the practice after graduating from ISU a year later.  The Kramers spent years working their way out of a large economic hole while building a family and their veterinary reputations.

Other sources of income were necessary.  The ever-constant side hustle has taken many forms over the years.  These include starting and building several successful small companies.  Many of these operated out of their veterinary practice, bringing in much needed extra income.

Dr Jim published a book that uses animals to teach important life lessons to children.