Using the Perfect Earth-Friendly, Though Under-Appreciated Material

American Bamboo, Model of Sustainability

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It is a grass that can grow three feet in one day. That’s about one inch every 40 seconds. Bamboo pulls large amounts carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and then produces up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees. Bamboo’s tolerance for marginal soil and its rapid growth make bamboo extremely valuable for carbon sequestration and the mitigation of climate change on every continent worldwide.

In the Southern regions of the United States bamboo grows in large forests.  All Better Trick bamboo comes from an American bamboo farm in Georgia, USA.
Fill & Flourish Bamboo Inserts are organic and completely natural.  They will remain structurally sturdy and rigid as long as they stay dry.  If and when they are discarded, they will naturally return to their biological components of carbon dioxide and water.  

Better Trick Bamboo Inserts will never pollute or contaminate our planet.  Better Trick Bamboo opens the door to genuine sustainability.
Generations alive today will see the end of ore to produce metals and the end of oil-based plastics.

Bamboo is a grass. It is: 

– Rapidly renewable
– Stronger than steel in tensile strength
– Harder than hardwood
– Growing across the globe
– Fast Growing – up to 3 feet a day 
– Able to grow to 30 feet in 2-3 months 
– Able to be harvested in 4 years compared to 
— Pine trees in 30 yrs
— Hardwood in 40 yrs
– Allows for harvesting 25% a year
– Harvested without disturbing the roots – no erosion
– A way to reforest degraded lands 
– Completely different from other building materials that produce half a ton of C02 per ton of building material produced: concrete, steel, aluminum etc.
– Able to absorb large amounts of C02 and to release 35% more O2 than hardwoods
– Used to make all kinds of useful items: furniture, beams for construction, flooring, walls, fabrics, kitchen implements, paper, cardboard.  We even eat bamboo shoots.